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Operation Manager

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Project Galaxy

China · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, July 5, 2023

【Job responsibilities】
1.Responsible for the establishment and operation of Twitter, Discord and other overseas social media operations, responsible for content production and distribution, marketing campaigns, event planning and implementation, user acquisition and engagement, KOL development and maintenance and docking, etc.
2.Build and operate overseas user communities such as Discord and Telegram, increase user numbers and activity, build community tools, etc.
3.Monitor operational data, regularly collate operational experience, promote SOP formulation, and optimize operational strategy based on competitive research and industry trends
【Job requirements】
1.Bachelor degree or above, excellent English in listening, speaking, reading and writing, English can be used as a working language
2.Familiar with the web 3.0 industry
3.Be familiar with Twitter, Discord, Medium, Telegram and other overseas social media platforms.
4.Strong executive ability, self-driving ability, independent research ability, experience from 0 to 1 is preferred
5.Good at communication and teamwork, responsible for the work, learning ability