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Multicoin Capital
Multicoin Capital

*** We are seeking our first round of investment *** Roadblocks to deploying machine learning models waste the majority of data science work, making it difficult for DS teams to prove their value. Celestium Computing is building an innovative platform to help companies maximize return on their AI/ML/DS investments. We: 1) Build support for ML model deployment by helping data scientists prove that their models achieve business objectives to all stakeholders who are part of the approval and deployment process. 2) Free DS teams from depending on product and devops engineers by dramatically easing the deployment of models into the products that use them. 3) Avoid embarrassment when models respond poorly to changing conditions by enhancing instrumentation and monitoring of products and their models. 4) Accelerate ML research with enormously powerful data preparation, researcher collaboration, and peer review tools. Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to discuss our innovations in more detail.
United States, San Francisco, CA, USA, Boulder, CO, USA
Founded in 2010
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